The Laravel 5 Package for Indian Payment Gateways. Currently supported gateway: CCAvenue, PayUMoney, EBS, CitrusPay


Step 1: Install package using composer

    composer require softon/indipay
Step 2: Add the service provider to the config/app.php file in Laravel

Step 3: Add an alias for the Facade to the config/app.php file in Laravel

    'Indipay' => 'Softon\Indipay\Facades\Indipay',
Step 4: Publish the config & Middleware by running in your terminal

    php artisan vendor:publish
Step 5: Modify the app\Http\Kernel.php to use the new Middleware. This is required so as to avoid CSRF verification on the Response Url from the payment gateways. You may adjust the routes in the config file config/indipay.php to disable CSRF on your gateways response routes.




Edit the config/indipay.php. Set the appropriate Gateway and its parameters. Then in your code...
 use Softon\Indipay\Facades\Indipay;  

Initiate Purchase Request and Redirect:-

      /* All Required Parameters by your Gateway */
      $parameters = [
        'tid' => '1233221223322',
        'order_id' => '1232212',
        'amount' => '1200.00',
      return Indipay::purchase($parameters);

Get the Response from the Gateway (Add the Code to the Redirect Url Set in the config file. Also add the response route to the remove_csrf_check config item to remove CSRF check on these routes.):-

    public function response(Request $request)
        $response = Indipay::response($request);